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Steve Jobs
October 6, 2011, 12:34
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Early on, I had to take many a stand on the important issues of the time: Yankees over Red Sox. The Beatles over Rolling Stones. Peace over War in Viet Nam.

Later in life, it was Microsoft or Apple.

I went with the Upstart.

Steve Job’s machines helped make my life creative and expressive. I identified with Apple as an inspirational company especially the undertones of political and social reform.

Macs debuted on my 26th birthday. Somewhere around my thirtieth, I bought my first, the Macintosh II. Today, two dozen years later, I joyously own at least one of every great product they make.

I remember the relief I felt chucking out the IBM clone I struggled to embrace, to make room for the new, boxy miracle machine.

I never tire of going to an Apple store, extolling to whichever salesperson I snag that, “You know, I bought my first Mac in 1988′. My words flow with an air of superiority as I set myself up with the expectation I will, in some way, be rewarded for my early belief in the company. I don’t expect the entire store to stand up and recognize my insightfulness…well, actually I kinda do.

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Feeling very lost without Steve announcing the next iPhone or iPad3… I have been on a Mac since 1989 and still have my first Mac Classic in storage. Good bye Steve and long live Apple.

Comment by Carolyn

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