The Lucky Gardener

Meet Tom
March 23, 2011, 15:21
Filed under: garden design, Wild Turkey

I was awakened from my midday office snooze by a haunting call of the wild. Though absent from the property since last Spring, the sound was immediately familiar to me. Mating season had come for Wild Turkeys, and this big Tom Turkey was looking for his women.

Seeing me through the windows of my office literally got his feathers all ruffled up. He did his macho-bird dance to stare me down in this impromptu face-off. A staring contest ensued, and I, playing the dominant yet compassionate card, blinked first giving him his victory and a swelled pride to match his dramatic feather display.

Normally a flock of 13 or so wild turkeys inhabit the woods around the office. Common sightings of the flock squawking across a road, or sleeping in trees (yes, these weird birds can actually fly) throughout the summer definitely add to the fun observing local fauna.

The gobbles, clucks, yelps and cackles of the turkeys is most associated with Thanksgiving, but these, our native Turkeys, do their dancing in the Spring.

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