The Lucky Gardener

Spring Has Sprung
March 10, 2011, 12:58
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All of a sudden, the snow is gone and our gardens are coming alive. Warmer weather and heavy rains have washed all but the most stubborn patches of the snow away. The air smells rich in life, delicious humidity replacing the dry crackling atmosphere in which we’ve been subjected for so long.

My first walk in the yard since New Years, surveying the damage and debris left in the wake of a severe winter, I was drawn to the flower beds and the sight of the earliest spring-flowering bulbs appearing through the mulch. Probably two days from opening fully, the first color from Crocus, Snow Drops and Winter Aconite flowers (see below) made me smile.

The Hellebores, this one known as The Lenten Rose’ couldn’t have picked a better time to start its flower cycle. Lent started yesterday and the light green tips of 2011 growth just appeared. The plants will flower for a month or more, then spend the rest of the season offering unusual foliage and seed heads.

Daffodil tips also appeared, showing the telltale sign of late season snow cover, a band of yellow on the leaves where the bulbs were hidden by snow from what little bit of sun we’ve had. The green upper section of leaves were able to make the chlorophyll to ‘go green’, by being clear of it.

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