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Want a patio?
February 4, 2011, 14:15
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Who doesn’t?

If you have any unused outdoor space, wouldn’t a beautiful bluestone patio, say 10′ by 12′ fit your entertaining and relaxation purposes perfectly? I get to build 15 or so patios a year. Each is unique in the materials, shapes and the views they offer. The common goal is the comfort and extended use of a property.

My material of choice is stone, though there are sites that call out for brick. Some projects call for precast pavers;  around a pool or when the house style warrants. Manufacturers have come a long way to provide very nice color and design options.
Below are some time-line photos of a recent installation. Follow the pictures to see how many steps and  labor hours are required for proper construction.
The pictures will help you to understand how intense the process is and why the right techniques are essential to a long-lived structure..