The Lucky Gardener

Air Apparent
December 16, 2010, 21:29
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Nor’easter, or the Santa Ana,

Chinook, or the Elephanta.

So much is determined by wind.

Airport flights grounded,

children’s kites confounded.

We fret the moment they begin.


Consider the breeze,

pray, if you please.

Its nature so fleeting and brief.

On a hot summer’s day,

keeping discomfort at bay.

A gentle and welcome relief.


Tho, at what speed,

does the wind pick up greed.

Ceasing by us to be hailed.

It depends, I suppose,

on the damage it blows.

Bad manners, it heretofore had veiled.


Come January’s freeze,

gusts rattle the trees.

Howling in constant refrain.

Icy blasts from the north,

with snow drifts, of course.

All the subtlety of a runaway train.


Each winter we spec’ in awe,

which Spring day we’ll finally thaw.

It’s the winds the seasons obey.

The fickle March winds,

decide when gardening begins.

Please, let it be blooming before May.


Of elements in the world natural,

wind’s power is a concern quite rational.

With tragic potential not oft-spoken.

Wind’s force we conclude,

(and never misconstrued).

Must be heeded, not broken.